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Real-Time Language Translation with Google Translate App and Smartphone Camera

The World Lens app by QuestVisual was introduced in 2010 and used a typical smartphone camera to convert printed text in real time. Here’s the video announcing the product:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2OfQdYrHRs]

Google recently integrated the technology in their translate app, so now with a single app you can perform a variety of translation tasks. With the World Lens app, additional languages required an in-app purchase. The Google product will include 36 languages for free.


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Here are some resources to learn more about the technology.

World Lens iPhone App Translates Text in Real Time


The World Lens iPhone App by Quest Visual uses the camera in your iPhone to view, recognize, and display text from one language to another. Like putting on magical glasses, you can now see your world in a foreign language for learning or translate from a foreign language into your native language.

Languages. Language packs are about $5 each. The available translations are shown below in order of popularity.

  1. Spanish <–> English$4.99
  2. English <–> Spanish$4.99
  3. English <–> Spanish$4.99
  4. English <–> French$4.99
  5. English <–> Italian$4.99
  6. English <–> German$4.99
  7. French <–> English$4.99
  8. English <–> Portuguese$4.99
  9. English <–> French$4.99

Sample. Below is an example using a street sign in German.