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World Lens iPhone App Translates Text in Real Time


The World Lens iPhone App by Quest Visual uses the camera in your iPhone to view, recognize, and display text from one language to another. Like putting on magical glasses, you can now see your world in a foreign language for learning or translate from a foreign language into your native language.

Languages. Language packs are about $5 each. The available translations are shown below in order of popularity.

  1. Spanish <–> English$4.99
  2. English <–> Spanish$4.99
  3. English <–> Spanish$4.99
  4. English <–> French$4.99
  5. English <–> Italian$4.99
  6. English <–> German$4.99
  7. French <–> English$4.99
  8. English <–> Portuguese$4.99
  9. English <–> French$4.99

Sample. Below is an example using a street sign in German.